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Tank Girl

Dive into an adventure with the sexiest, hardcore gal to stomp across the post-apocalyptic planet in the year 2033. Buried in this site, you'll find loads of info and images of Tank Girl and her chaotic friends - Jet Girl, Sub Girl, her Kangaroo boyfriend Booga, and more. We have images from Deadline Magazine and Dark Horse comics to Lori Petty's portrayal in the Tank Girl movie and Tanky's most recent appearance in Two Girls One Tank! Tank Girl is the girl U want!

Tank Girl is Timeless & Eternal!

Just when you think you've seen the last of her, she reinvents herself, rises from the ashes and kicks more ass! They say change is good, but Tank Girl is still the mean, foul-mouthed warrior sexpot we all fell for. Her brutal solutions and charismatic insanity ring true for anyone who has endured the day-to-day idiocy of life in general. Come revel in her mayhem!

Tank Girl

"When I first picked up a copy of Tank Girl, it was so hot, sexy, and irreverent, that I had to put it down for fear of being burnt. I knew I was in love and had a new hero. I think Jamie and Alan are by far the most original, talented, and exciting team working in comics today. They have created the comic book equivalent of the Sex Pistols. So far ahead, its beautiful. Top-notch entertainment."
- Adam Ant