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All sites should have a "WTF" page prominently displayed because every now and then you’ll encounter a web site and after pondering it’s existence for thirty seconds, you sometimes have to say, "What the fuck?!?" So, here is my WTF page with a few of the answers to that question.

I’m Pete, the loon who still thinks Tank Girl is the ultimate woman. By trade, I build web sites for a living - much better ones than this :)
My interests roam the gambit, but working on my Tank Girl site has always been a constant. If I get weary from skateboarding, I might pick up a guitar. When I am stumped on figuring out a song, I’ll fire up a video game. When my thumb starts to hurt too much, I’ll continue reading the latest book I’ve bought. And when my body is haggard from the afore mentioned oddities, I’ll code an update in dedication to that lovably crazed, vice-ridden chick; Tank Girl.

Despite her waning popularity as the comics become harder to find, this chic still rocks, rulz and delights! Her fans know this all too well. The movie came out on DVD in May of 2001. Those who purchase it will probably be among the "in-the-know crowd" and snatch up that delicious disc before it too becomes hard to find.

My interest in Tanky came when the movie was released on March 31, 1995 (in the USA). I was one of the masses who thought, "Wow, what a concept!". Later, I discovered this film was based on a comic character at which point I began to track down the books on which this wretchedly wonderful toon was based. As I devoured the pages of every TANK GIRL comic I could find, I made quite another discovery...

...The movie wasn’t very good. Don’t get me wrong - I enjoyed it (and still love it even), but the true essence and failing grace of Tanky comes alive in the Martin & Hewlett comics. Spend your last nickel getting them - you’ll thank me later!

My initial Tank Girl web site was a single page of pictures and a few catch phrases. The more I thought about that crappy page, the more I realized She deserved better - needed better. Over time I saw many Tank Girl sites come and go like most fads that only have a short term of interest until the next cool thing comes along. As I have said before, "Tank Girl is not a fad!" What makes her different is her irreverent spirit and its everlasting quality. Tank Girl embodies the "Fuck You! attitude" with glaring perfection. She can deliver a resounding "Fuck You" with savage aggression, mirthful charm or casual indifference. Either way, she’s ruthless.

Now, don’t we all want to be like that sometimes?
I thought so.
As long as I keep thinking so, this site will praise her being and extoll her tainted virtues for anyone who wants to drop in, lower their standards and kick some ass!

As a cultural icon (of sorts), Tank Girl is not a fad.
This site will continue to exist as long as I (and hopefully, YOU) believe that the world has plenty of followers and needs more leaders who will motivate the huddled masses to do something useful. Fads exist due to followers who jump onto the latest "cool" thing (even if it rilly rilly sux). Those who have a better understanding of themselves will see through the BS and stay true to what they believe in.
I believe Tank Girl the most motivating, exhilarating, liberated woman to grace the page. She may be a toon, but her attitude thrives in the lives of many.

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The Ultimate Woman

Tank Girl is the ultimate woman because she is really something unexpected, rarely predictable and surprisingly full of passion. She appears to be a hot-headed, drunken warrior of the outback, but over the course of a few stories, we see she actually has passion and reason behind her ways, although devoid of any moral judgement. She loves Booga and will fight to the death for him. She’s wild, but she has a well thought out agenda and isn’t afraid to champion her goals. She’s not wishy-washy and always improvises over giving up.

THAT is the ideal woman!

    And one day I will find her -
      She may not have a shaven head...
      She may not smoke and drink...
      She may never have killed in the heat of the moment...
    But, she will be smart, strong, independent, vibrant, evil, erotic and passionate - my version of Tank Girl.