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Under The Covers: The Plots

Tank Girl: Issue #1 of 4, May 1991

Tank Girl comic cover

Writer: Alan Martin, Jamie Hewlett
Artist: Jamie Hewlett
Cover Artist: Jamie Hewlett
Publication Date: May 01, 1991

“Whatever Happened to Good Intentions?” Also in Deadline #1
“Dumpster”. Also in Deadline #2
“Rebirth of Ringo Star or Big Mouth Strikes Again!” Also in Deadline #3
“Bob’s Your Uncle”. Also in Deadline #5

Tanky is after the bounty on Rocky Deadhead, the hardest kangaroo in the Outback. Rocky and his gang are crashing a party with the hope of finding beer and women. Unfortunately the beer is warm and the chics are lame. Tanky crashes in, killing everyone, but Rocky and the chase is on across the Outback. Once Tanky catches up to him, killing turns to lust... until Rocky makes a run for it... back to killing.

Tanky receives word that her next mission involves delivering colostomy bags to the President. On route, a creature attacks her, steals her tank and then flips it. A fight ensues and she has to drop a bomb to be rid of the hairy beast-creature. Unfortunately, this derails her plans to deliver the colostomy bags. Sorry, Mr. President...

Bounty hunter, Vex Godglove, lays in wait for Tanky (who he refers to as a "little tart" and a "dumb bitch") for whom he has laid a trap. Tanky trips the parking brake and her tank rolls Vex flat.

After unintentionally crashing a plane, she encounters two odd-balls who are waiting to witness the "second coming". They tell her they are going to a party and she takes them on a wild ride across the Outback, finally crashing through the roof of a house. Realizing she is now in the presence of Christ, she repents for not having brought a bottle of booze to the party.

Next, Sergeant Small feels intimidated by Tanky’s existence and vows to have her killed. Tanky considers plastic surgery so she can roam free with out being recognized. Her surgeon turns out to be a voodoo doctor. Sarge and his death-crew arrive during Tanky’s cosmetic procedure. Some of the voodoo charm initiates Tanky’s missile bra which lead to Sarge’s demise.

  • Tanky gets it on with Rocky.

  • Rocky leads his gang to another drunken, gate crashing, bar-b-q, orgy of blood ’n guts.
  • Tanky’s horny lust turns vengeful when Rocky figures he’s screwed his way out of her grasp.
  • Attacked by a hairy creature, TG has to drop a bomb to eliminate him. She explains to the creature that she is going to "rip your arms ’n legs off and stuff them up your ass".
  • Vex fantasizes about breaking her legs and stomping her spine into tiny pieces. Good luck, Vex.
  • Vex is crushed by her tank.
  • Tanky becomes covered by the guts and gore of 5 suicides.

  • Amazingly, Tanky keeps her shirt on for the duration of this book!

  • After shagging and wasting Rocky, Tanky awakes mysteriously hung over.
  • Tanky stumbles into the second birth of Christ and explains the social graces behind bringing a bottle to a party. Especially a Christmas party!